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Thiamethoxam 25% WG

Features :

  • Broad Spectrum Systemic insecticide having quick stomach and contact activity.
  • Low application rate of active ingredient required for effective control.
  • Readily absorbed by plants.
Target Crops Paddy Cotton Mango, Okra, Mustard, Tea & Potato.
Target Pests StemBorer, Gall Midge, Leaf Folder, Brown Plant Hopper (BPH), White Backed Plant Hoper, Green Leaf Hopper & thrips of Rice as well as Aphids in, Jassids. Thrips and whiteflies in cotton.
Hopper in Mango Aphids, Jassids & Whiteflies, in Okra, Aphids in Mustard, White fly in Tomato, Whiteflies and jassids in Brinjal, Mosquito Bug in tea & Aphids in Potato.
Dosage 40 gm / acre.
Packing 100 gm, 250 gm.